Dear Jeff P,

We fell in love last summer, every possible waking moment spent in each others embrace what started as perfection only turned into a love that would everlive in us. Together we were beautiful. I loved you till it hurt to sleep without you. I even loved you when you got your ex pregnant before we made it official. I didn’t care tho because u had me and we were stronger than that. But then you would not call for days at a time as her belly grew. I felt lost but I never doubted you. Figured u had to work things out and be a man in your own right … But then tragedy struck my life that fall.

I was dying inside because I had also come to realize I had been 3 months pregnant and the trauma from the incident caused me to lose our baby. You cried I cried and you promised that you would heal my wounds… you never called me after I left your house that day. I called you on Christmas new years vday and every holiday and between. Nothing. And your last words were that you loved me. I wish you well as her due date approaches this month. I hold no hate in my heart because I know you will never be able to stop loving me. Por vida eres mi corazon


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