Behind all the heartbreaks…

Behind all the heartbreaks…

Behind all the heartbreaks…

Dear C,

The past has been awful. To me, to us. I was amazed by how friggin fast you could move on with what we had. One day we we’re in love with each other, the next thing I knew you ignore me like I am a total stranger. I mean a year after our break up you’ll message me casually as if I’m an old friend when in fact I’m the girl you promised your forever with. How could you be so insensitive?

I loved you even after finding out that you were hitting on my bestfriend, I loved you even though you keep ignoring me. I loved you even when you cheated on me Damn it! You had two other girlfriends!! but I loved you more than anyone possibly could.

I know deep down that what you feel about me wasn’t real but I held on to that slightest inch of hope that someday you’ll change, That one day I’ll be the girl that makes you quit your game. But that didn’t happened. I’m the one who changed. I got tired watching you with someone else. I started playing too. I know it’s my fault. I’m boring, you can’t kiss me and all those mushy stuffs, I can’t introduce you to my family, but why do you have to get another girlfriend? you could’ve just broke up with me for being so innocent! or tell me straight up that I am Lame!

I know I’m better off without you. but somewhere inside me tells otherwise. You got this special place in my heart wherein no matter how much you break it.. it’ll love you with all the pieces left.


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