I’m tired of being fake

I’m tired of being fake

I’m tired of being fake

Now that i see you with another girl, i don’t know what to think anymore. I was always hoping to send you that letter and get on with my life but things were so complicated betwen you and me. You confused me a lot… A LOT. You were not boyfriend material AT ALL. I miss cuddling with you, sleeping in the same bed as you but YOU, YOU are able to do it with other girls. It’s not that easy for me you know, im not a fuckfriend, im a girl that has had feelings for you, you react like a child when you knew about my feelings. At each break up that i had, i hurted a lot, especially when the guy was with someone else. I have trouble to turn the page. I’m affraid to go true the same things with you. I’m affraid to stalk you on facebook… that’s why i end up meeting another guy when i found out that my ” ex’s ” replaced me with someone else. It’s because i find life means… and there’s nothing i can do. You were my sweet love, yea im possessive… i don’t want to see you with another girl if i can’t move on.. i know it’s not right but im jealous. Im jealous… and sad. I know you’re a hot guy. Im hurt now…

Imagine you doing all the things you did with me with someone else, you’re forgetting about me , i wanna send you a letter but each time i write something, something’s bigger stops me. Whatever i’m not over you… completly, sometimes i feel than i am and other time, i know im not. Sometimes i wanna reach out to you and other times i like no it’s better not to. You hurted me like i hurted you, we both are walls to each others. We’re both sad and hurts… about each other but we’re not saying a thing. Whatever… i don’t know you and you don’t.



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