Not knowing

Not knowing

Not knowing

Dear Annette,

Looking back, I can honestly say I dont know why be broke up. Can you? I doubt it. We put each other through hell and then some. For no reason, we put each other through the wringer. Today, we are friends of sorts and I truly hope we can make right of what was wrong. We both know that douche wasnt what you wanted or needed. I know its not gonna be easy for either of us, but you know I am willing if you allow yourself to open up. Open up to me like you didnt before. Not even in counseling could you open your heart or mind. Today, even though we are close again, you still are quiet and reserved about lot of crap. That scares the crap out of me and you need to know that.

I think you need to see a therpist to work on your issues. You have a lot of feelings and emotions supressed and that is not good for you or any relationship you enter. Screw the cost involved, if you want to make things work now or 10 years from with someone else, you need to figure how to let go of what you have bottled up inside. You know i will be here for you, by your side when you need me. You need to tell me when you need me, I am not a mind reader. I have loved you for 18 years, and Im not gonna stop now.


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