Buried alive

Buried alive

Buried alive

Dear you.

I don’t know what to say… 1 year… that’s a long time. I was addicted. It would hurt you and me if we didn’t talk for more than 5 hours. I really miss you and I don’t know if you feel the same way… the worst part is the 1000 miles keeping is apart… I walked away and you tried so hard to win me back but I just kept walking hoping that you wouldn’t give up… it’s all my fault and I haven’t slept or eaten for the past 24 hours and GOD IT HURTS. Every where I turn I see something that reminds me of you… I just want you back.

Even if it’s for one night… I want to say a proper goodbye… my heart is BLEEDING and there’s no way of stopping it. You’ve given me the best year of my life and I want to continue but… I love you. Just know that. I really love you. All of it was real. I know I never expressed it as much as you did but I really did love you. And the ring… you never really got to give to me because of the distance… I hope the girl you give it to loves you… and the sword that has been passed on for generations in your family. I love you. I really do. And I want to talk to you right now but I’m so scared I’ll make you hate me… goodbye my last hope…


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