I genuinely thought you were a nice guy

I genuinely thought you were a nice guy

I genuinely thought you were a nice guy


I just want you to know that I knew you were cheating on me. I even knew who she was. I was just nice enough to not show up at your office to confront you and her (yes, I knew she was someone from work). I guess I played stupid for too long. I was fooling myself, too. I wanted to be stupid because it was too hard to believe that you were cheating on me while I was at your apartment, not to mention pregnant!

At one point, I genuinely thought you were a nice guy. But you are not and you got what you deserve. I used to feel sorry for you although you broke my heart, but I don’t anymore. You deserve that life you’re living. I was way too nice to be with you.

It was a puzzle for me why you chose to end things with me. Logically speaking, you shouldn’t have. But I guess logic is not a language for insecure men.

I used to think that I’d tell our son that you were dead, but now not only that I’m not going to tell him anything about you, I’m going to tell him that someone else is his father. He’ll be much happier to have this man as his father. He’s everything you’re not: educated, wealthy, polite, responsible and fit. You deserve that.

Enjoy being 40 and alone!


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