5 months later…

5 months later…

5 months later…


5 months later and I still think about you everday.

I’m back on the west coast visiting my parents where you and I were almost a year ago.  I’ve been here only a day and have cried because I think about all of the things we did here together when we visited…All of the hope and love I felt at the time…and how that is now all gone.  I miss you so much and realize you have moved on with another guy but I still can’t help but think how I lost the love of my life.

I always said the meaning of life was something to do, something to love, and something to look forward to.

Without you, I seem there seems to be a vast open emptiness with each of those.

I miss you and love you dearly.


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  1. simbarashe 5 years ago

    cool letter

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