My ex-everything

My ex-everything

My ex-everything

Even after you broke up with me, kept me hoping we be back together, ignored me, and talked about me behind my back, I really hope you the best. Everyday I think about you and everyday I hope you think of me. I gave you my all everyday and I’m glad to say I’m moving on slowly. I know you didn’t love me and I hope you find a person you love and they love you back.

You gave me some great years and no matter how many times you broke my heart, I will not and do not regret you or us. I hope you realize everything I did for you and how much I really did love you. You changed so much since we met and we were together for years. Even though you changed, I didn’t care I still loved you. I felt betrayed when you said I changed and you broke up with me.

I still remember that day in the car, you broke up with me when I dropped you off, you had no tears in your eyes. I hope you find the guy you are looking for, I know I wasn’t it and I hope one day I find a girl who will love me no matter what and for me and my flaws and I hope I can love her just as much as I loved you. Even though we are done and our lives are going in two separate directions I just wish you Good luck in life and I hope for the best. Best Wishes your ex


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