You deserve to hear this

You deserve to hear this

You deserve to hear this

Are you aware of how you took my breath away, and refused to give it back? Do you know, how much I loved you?  If I could turn back time, things would be different. I would be smarter, I’d resist you. But your undeniable, all pain put aside, throw it on the back burner, I loved you with every ounce of being in me.

You showed me what love was, no, scratch that, you didn’t show me, you let me take a glimpse of it, and just as fast, it was gone. Me, you, us, gone.  Are you aware, of the shards of my heart, that you paced and stomped back and forth upon? Twist the knife, again and AGAIN so many times just like that, anything was better than reality.

Do you know, that YOU are the reason I’m so cold, you’re the reason, I HATE love. You are the epitome of a low life. I had to hide who I was with because you gave me SHAME. Your the symbol for infamy. I’ve never been so hurt than when I’ve been with you. You tore me apart and you don’t even realize how much it hurts, how much you meant, you don’t realize anything.

I loved you and I wanted everything with you. I wish I could go back and change so much. I had the most amazing times of my life with you but there over now. I remember that first day at the mall and how amazing your eyes are and how we gawked at the adorable little girl with the squeaky slippers and just sat there and smiled and laughed as we talked.

You were my universe, now you’re my hell. I love you but I’m done. Truth be told you have a baby penis and it’s really funny how bad you are at sex and it’s so disgusting that you like eating ass hahaha sex really isn’t your fortè is it? yea I know I’m far from the best but least I have my reasons for being loose and fat hahaha  and I’m truly jealous of your boobs there bigger than mine and a lot more perky.

your body features brought out the lesbian in me tbh and it made me sick to my stomach. Your a pedophile for liking that one girl and I know I’m soooo not better than you but it’s just funny you think your the shit but all you are is a drama queen. have a nice life and suck it up princess 🙂

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  1. Ghost 9 years ago

    It’s a shame you never told them outright, and left this open to interpretation. If they’d deserved to hear it, I hope you sent it to them so they could know how you really felt. It would have been a good idea, just for the sake of closure – especially if one party was left in the lurch with no real answers as to what happened.
    Still one of my favorite letters though. That kind of “swinging for the fences” style aggression makes for good entertainment.

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