Love got in the way of my sight

Love got in the way of my sight

Love got in the way of my sight

Since eight grade you were my friend my best friend. My first guy friend. The person I couldn’t stand. The one guy who helped me run when I wanted to give up on P.E. you were always there when I managed to push you away. It began with talking in class, talking on the phone as soon as we came from school to walking me half way home. I knew you as much as you knew me.

You loved me before I even knew what love meant. I never once said it to you because I didn’t want to say it out of habit. The day I finally realize I truly loved you was the day I realized I lost you. I manage to finally get the courage to tell you how I felt, but even then it was to late. We gave it another shot we had all these plans made. We were going to runaway together after graduation. You were going to kidnap me and we were going to move in together, away from everyone and start fresh where no one knew us, but first we were going to travel the world and you had planned that in every state you were going to propose.

We were going to have 3 kids and have a huge house with a large back yard for our kids to be active. We were gonna go bungee jumping and skydive. Our first weeding would of been the biggest one inviting the whole world to show them how madly in love we are. As for now we are married in our hearts. We promised to never give up on each other no matter how tough it may get. We wanted to grow old together. Never go to bed mad at each other. You said how you were not going to let me do a thing just let me be lazy while you did everything else, which I thought was unfair. I wanted it to be equal 50/50 which we agreed on.

We never wanted to leave each others side. Be with each other 24/7 you were and are my one love and I hate knowing that I might just pushed you in the arms of someone else. I never once been mad at you, and I never could stay mad. You put a smile on my face even when you are the reason I was sad to begin with. You brighten my days as well as destroy them with any little thing. You have become my human diary, I have told you things that I have only talked to myself about. I feel as if nobody understands me. I feel as showing your feeling is a sign of weakness and with you its was different. Feels nice to know that someone knows the real me. All my life I have tried to impress my dad be good enough for him to be proud off and that’s always hold me back from love, from ever opening up. I thought maybe I had to try so hard to be someone you might be proud of I had to hold myself back from ever showing any emotion.

Now that I have felt safe to do so with you. Open up and tell you what I have always been afraid to, seems as if we are in our roughest patch yet. Being able to say that my best friend since the 6th grade is also the one person I love is just so amazing. Not only do I believe that we will end up together again but good things take time and having you to show of that is a reason why I am still here. Why I havent let go of us. Loving you is the greatest thing I have ever come across with, but what scares me the most is that you might not be willing to let go of her just yet. Now I have come to realized we were just saying things because we let love get the best of us.


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