For your eyes only.

For your eyes only.

For your eyes only.

Hi, you probably don’t want to hear from me but I cant help myself to send you an email. In this case I probably know shes right next to you reading this and if she is, say hi to her.

I just want to make myself feel free. I know how much i hurt you before and i know that you’re happy now, with her.

t’s been a year since our break-up and every single day you still cross my mind. Be it bad memories or good memories, your image still lingers in me and my heart hurts so bad whenever I think of you. I admit I thought I was on my way to getting over you and that I would vow to not talk about you or stalk you on your social media sites anymore but I guess I let myself down. Just like how I let you down.

Please take care. Our memories will always remain in my heart.

Ingat lagi. :)))


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