I don’t want to be done just yet

I don’t want to be done just yet

I don’t want to be done just yet

It’s very pathetic of me I know… Crying over something that was just seasonal. What kills me the most is that you only wanted me from May-August and though we didn’t get the chance to hit August, you’ve decided to tell me the WHOLE truth now that we’re officially done.

You’ve admitted to me that you never loved me and that I was nothing to you. You’re wallowing in your lies on social media making it seem as though I’m the crazy one. You’re showing off especially to these women making trying to show them that I am the one who’s stressing over you.

What’s killing me is that you lied to me. You freaking lied to me about every single thing you’ve ever said. Not only did you never love me, I was never the only girl. I remember asking you countless of times to tell me the truth and you continued to LIE. You can’t even look me in my face thus why you always chose to text me instead because that’s how coward you are.

It’s just funny to me you see because when a person is angry, that’s when their real emotions come out, and your real emotions definitely came out today! You played with my mind and my heart and I did nothing wrong to you.

I must admit, trying to get revenge on you by posting things on social media and etc wasn’t worth it. Because at the end of the day, what you did can never outshine the little things.

You shall sow what you reaped. I’m done talking about you, and I’m done worrying about you. You strung me along and I hate you so much. I hope you don’t even text me back tonight since we were going down eachother’s throats this morning.

You wanted me out of your life, and I kept making you relevant well now I’m doing what you asked and I’M STAYING OUT OF YOUR LIFE!

Karma won’t have any limits on you John.

None at all.


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