I wonder if you ever think about me

I wonder if you ever think about me

I wonder if you ever think about me

Well Hi,

Its been almost four months since you ended things, and its hard to believe but i still think of you everyday. i still wonder how you are and what you’re doing? I wonder if you ever think about me, probably not.

These past four months have been hell without you. we always had out silly little fights and would break up but would always end up texting each other 20 minutes later and work things out, but thats just the way we were. so when you ended it, I figured things would just work themselves out again, but they didnt. and i think thats what hurts the most.You’ve moved on now and it kills to see you happy with someone else, especially her, but I’m glad you’re happy, i just wish it could of been with me. so i guess it’s goodbye. maybe for now, maybe forever but only time will tell

-you’re my missing piece


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