fuck you

I just wanted to let you know I hate your guts. I have been with you for almost a year now and I have been put down more than accountable. You have cheated on me twice and you still believe you have done nothing wrong. You have called me a whore and slut and didn’t even say sorry for making me cry or want to die. You’ve hurt me all for what? To boost your ego? Do you get a laugh out of crushing my heart?  I have taken you back countless times. Each time you said you would stop being jerk. You’re more than a jerk. You’re a coward with a cock smaller than a grain of rice.

I’m a better person now and will not put up with your shit any longer. I have better things to do than to argue with you about your dumb medicine so you can behave like a gentleman not an abusive piece of shit. YOU DON’T WANT TO TAKE IT? FINE. But grow the fuck up and stop or I am gone. I’m done with your mind games. I’m done with you twisting things your way and making it all my fault. I have been nothing but good to you. I deserve someone better. Someone who is not you. I’ve been over you for about a month now. I’m just waiting to leave. I want to leave you a wreck like you left me that one night when I was sitting on the bathroom floor crying wanting to die. Remember that? Remember what you were doing? You were sleeping. I cried out for you to help but all you did was snore away into your pathetic slumber. I’m waiting. You’ll get what you deserve.  Wait and see.


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