Was it so easy to break up with me?

Was it so easy to break up with me?

Was it so easy to break up with me?

I deserved better.  I wish I had told you that you were my first.  I was too afraid you would judge me, but maybe you would have realized how much you meant to me.  I guess that should have made me realize this relationship was no good.

I keep telling myself that it could have been so much worse, but it doesn’t help.  You were wrong to ignore me for week a time, until you finally had time for me.  You were so self absorbed, but I kept letting it slide because I was just glad to finally have someone who wanted to date me.  But now, I wish I had spoken up, and let you know that my life was just as difficult, interesting, and IMPORTANT as yours.  I’m also just as talented as you, but you were never interested.

Sorry you never took the chance to see that.  You were also actually pretty lame in the romance department, and you should have appreciated when I tried to help you step up your kissing game.  But I never once made you feel bad, and never criticized your drinking and gambling problems.

Now you don’t even have time for me.  Did I mean so little to you?  Was it easy to break up with me?  Would you care a little bit more knowing you were my first?

I’m not going to waste my time telling you any of this because I know in the end, it will not make a difference.  It won’t matter if I tell you that I’m truly heartbroken, or tell you everything I thought you did wrong.  You will never know how much you hurt me.  I made sure I only said goodbye and wished you well, so you will never know any of this.   I will eventually forgive you, get over you, move on, and find someone better.


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