I truly wish you happiness

I truly wish you happiness

I truly wish you happiness


I’m sorry I was never the girl you wanted me to be.  I don’t know where things went wrong.  All I had ever wanted was for you to love me with all your heart and only want me.  I just wanted you see what hurt me and to try to make an effort to see.

I was pushing I know now someone who didn’t understand.

It has been over three months since you broke up with me. I don’t feel or see you making any efforts to have me back in you life in the way I long.  I held onto hope that you would proclaim your love to be and want me back.  You told me you loved me but here I was/am still single.  Your heart must not truly love me and I have to accept this.

I love you but I want to be with someone who wants this as much as I want them this, not to force or guilt you into being with me.  That is a life that no one wants to live in.

I wish you only happiness, while it hurts to think of you with someone else, I know that you will find all the things I never was.


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