Love is the answer

Love is the answer

Love is the answer

Dear Denisa,

It has been so long time since we last talked, or had any kind of communication. This is the longest we have ever stayed out of touch.. It’s Crazy to see how we got into this point from talking everyday to not to talk at all, and just lost you out of sight, as if we never knew each other before, anyway I always told you that things happen for a reason, and there probably a reason for both of us not to be talking anymore, I know that God has something better in store for me and you.

I loved you dearly, sincerely, except for the times that you were so drunk and acted like a junk girl, you ruined your beauty.. I hope you are not getting drunk anymore and lead a sober life filled with joy, happiness and success.

I want you to know that I wish you all the best in your life, seeking what you are looking for, and I hope you can fulfill your answer, you always said Love is the answer, Deep deep deep down from my heart I wish you all the best. and I hope that our paths cross over again sometime soon.




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