Loving You From Afar

Loving You From Afar

Loving You From Afar


For me, there was no one but you. I had never adored anyone like this in my life. You were handsome and smart, but most of all, the way you cuddled me was something that is forever etched into my memory.

You were much older than me, but I did not care. I loved you so much. You were my first love, my first kiss, and the one I lost my virginity to. You were so, so good to me every step of the way.

But you were noncommittal, which did us in. And I knew it would. You had told me from the beginning that it was temporary. But I couldn’t stay away from you, and now I am paying the price.

I hope your lifestyle of moving around is giving you everything you wanted even though it seems empty to me. I will never forget you and I may never forgive you for shattering my heart this summer. We have not spoken in almost two months. Every day I hope for an email from you, yet at the same time I know it would ruin me.

I love you…even though I shouldn’t.


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