you only love me when you think i dont love you. and i only love you when i think you dont love me. but its not that i never dont love you and you never dont love me. we are just broken- in the same way. i dont want to take turns with you anymore.  i dont want to show you a heart string only to have you pluck it out of its cavity. i know i plucked first. its been a year and ive spent it trying to forge it fixed. you know how to handle string instruments. youre supposed to strum- not rip. ripping is for shredders and you play the acoustic. last night, i showed you all the strings but somehow- sometime in the middle of the night i grew a casing- so strong – you cant even break it.

this is my promise- i promise that i wont encase my strings for anyone besides you. i promise that i wont pluck out every other mans strings just because- once there was a guy that finally plucked mine.


Eternal sunshined.


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