Were you the one?

Were you the one?

Were you the one?

My adored Aldo,

It’s not your fault that you came into my life in the middle of my metamorphosis.

All happened so fast, one day we were strangers, the next week we were dating.

I needed your love so badly, because I didn’t love myself.

Now that I am a different person, I feel that I need to meet new people. I am sorry (and I kind of feel that I betrayed you), but I need to see the world before I decide to settle down.

I can certainly see you as the father to my children, but first I need to live out there without you.

I hope that you use this time for your own. I am trying to learn how to love freely (no co-dependencies and without denying myself). I hope that we can find each other ahead on the road. I can certainly see a more mature you and a more experienced me together.

I still love you.


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