forgiveness and forever

forgiveness and forever

forgiveness and forever


It has been a long while since we last talked. If I had the chance, I would’ve just returned to the day that we hugged and we kissed and just stay there forever. I know I cannot really move on but I am wishing that you are successful now and I know that you are. If it happened, by any chance you read this, I just wanna say sorry for everything I did and said wrong.

I know that you are still angry with me, but me, after those days of messaging you bad things, I had regrets in everything I’ve said. Yes I’m a fool waiting for a message from you everyday coz I know that won’t happen. If I would say sorry to one person for everything that I said and did to you, it will be your mom. Everyday when I go to church, I talk to her and light a candle for her and even offer a mass for her. I am lucky because I got the chance to know her and talk to her and even be present on her last birthday. I would never forget the things that she told me about you and how we exchanged messages.She told me to never leave you. I always think about the time when she read my first love letter for you and the time that she was thanking me because I’m there for you when you need me and I replied ” Tita, it’s okay, I’ll do everything because I love your son so much.” And you told me, she cried. I don’t know how much you are angry with me, but I’m hoping that one day you will talk to me. Never in a day that I lost thoughts of you.


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