Moving on

Moving on

Moving on


These past 4 months we spent together have been amazing even if you didn’t try to be the best in the relationship it still was amazing we had great laughs together we shared great moments together I did things out of my comfort zone for you because I really cared about you and you made me be a better person I learn how to treat people better, I should have known that this relationship will be coming to an ended but I was just blinded and didnt see that and it has made it even worse for me in the end, when we broke up I was heartbroken something that has never happened to me before

I felt as these emotions that I didn’t know I had I couldnt do nothing for days but mop around wishing I can see you again, I’m getting to know letting by letting that is not possible and I’m beginning to accept the fact but I still miss you greatly it’s hurting me everyday not being able to speak with you you are always on my mind when I wake up and when I go to sleep, but I need to start moving on I have life goals that I must accomplish and if you can’t be in them then I truly must move on I would love to keep talking with you but it’s hurting me in the long run and I can’t do this anymore but truly deep deep down in my heart I’m hoping we get to meet again and that our worlds come together once more so tell then I’m not going to say good bye but ‘see you later’ heres to seeing you once more in life. Bye for now


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