Three years and likely more…

Three years and likely more…

Three years and likely more…

Dear Jason – love of my life,

I know you won’t ever see this. But I can’t take this anymore. 3 years. It’s been 3 years since we broke up. Maybe you have moved on and forgotten about me and couldn’t care less whether I still exist. These 3 years have been the worst, the toughest winter of my life. I have grown; I’m not angry or depressed anymore. But I never cease to miss you every day and night, even though you have completely got out of my life.

Everything still seems like yesterday even though it’s been 3 years. I still love you like how I did. It hurts that you seem to have moved from girl to girl these years while I have stayed single since the breakup. I’m sorry, I can’t move on like you did. I haven’t met anyone that can make me love him and stop loving you. In countless dreams, you came to rescue me from this pain. But this never happened in reality.

I knew. I can never get over you. I will miss you forever.

– H


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