Thank God I didn’t marry you

Thank God I didn’t marry you

Thank God I didn’t marry you

I am so happy that I’m no longer with you. I was miserable with you. So many lies, broken promises. You ruined my peace of mind. I really hated you for that. Why did you make all of those promises when you knew that they were lies? Why did you lie to me? Those lies broke me down. You crushed me. You were so arrogant. You were so involved in your own life. And you wouldn’t let me be a part of it. I couldn’t live with the constant disappointment anymore.

I am with someone wonderful now. I’m happy again, this time I’m happier than ever. I feel like I’m healing from everything you did to me.  In spite of all that, I hope you are content. And I hope you have learned something about yourself after all of this heartache. I wish you happiness.

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  1. My Pleasure 9 years ago

    I wasn’t arrogant, far from it. How could I not be so involved in my own life? With what was going on? Don’t you remember? You were hardly there for me were you? I’m glad you’ve met someone wonderful I really am. That was the only thing that really disappointed me about you. For all who you say you are. You didn’t see it did you? For how could you? I hardly saw you as you were always busy. I still wouldn’t have changed anything for I loved you for exactly who you were & are. No regrets. Smile

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