I’m sorry to myself

I’m sorry to myself

I’m sorry to myself

Sometimes I reminisce about our old times and get sad, other times I get angry and I just want o punch you in the face.

I think the hardest part of loving you, was just that. Loving you took so much time and effort out of me and I found that after our relationship I felt as if I was broken and just ran a 100 mile race.

I can’t say that our relationship was a complete mess. Because I can finally say that I am over you for once. I used to never think that I wouldn’t ever be able to say that again, but ever since you cheated on me with my best friend, you opened my eyes.

You never actually loved me though. I was just a side girl that you never gave two craps about, I should have seen that coming though.

I’m sorry to myself, because I put myself through two years of pain and suffering for a boy that I felt would always be mine, but at the same time, he was someone else’s too.

Im sorry mind, for making you get played like a play station. For beings so darn confused when he said “I love you” and then cheated on you the next day.

I’m sorry self because I put you through that more than once. Never again though, I promise that.

Never again will I let him screw me over.


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