I am really sorry for leaving you.. I was genuinely tired of our fights causing pain to ourselves.. I thought breaking up with you was going to solve the problem but i guess i was terribly wrong.

Yesterday was your birthday, it reminded me of you. i went to dig out old letters to read; realizing how much wrong i have done to you. the way i left off, the way i lied to you that i got over you so that you could get over me. It actually took me longer than you to completely bury the sweet memories i had with you. Till yesterday, i genuinely miss you alot as a lover-friend i hope i am able to see you again soon. You were perfect for me i just didnt realize what i missed out on when you left. I miss you the quirky funny bubbly cute and caring you; the way you made me feel like i was the happiest and luckiest guy in this world. It is now all too late as i am just a “somebody you used to know” If you ever read this this were the unspoken words that i wished i could say to you that i didnt have the chance to say, my first love.


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