All you do is take.

All you do is take.

All you do is take.

From the first day we were together, you made me think that there was something wrong with me whenever we got into a quarrel. You would flirt and it was never you who was making the mistake but me was paranoid. You would lie about where you were, but it was never you who were in the wrong but me for have failed to trust you. You would borrow money from a third party with my name and landed me in debt after you left, but still it wasn’t your fault, for I shouldn’t have listened to what anybody says and I shouldn’t have confronted you about it.

When we ended things, you went about your merry ways and slept around with countless girls, but as soon as you sensed that I was moving on, as soon as you started to miss my presence, you’d bounce right back and tell me how much you’ve missed me. Every single time I took you back, I accepted your excuses your blames. But yet you still fucked me over, every single time. I gave you everything, I gave our relationship everything. You took and you took, but you never gave. You never was once truly remorseful of anything you did to me.

Today, I’m telling you I’m done. I’m done with your manipulation. Done with your games. I didn’t lose anything. You lost me. Fuck you.


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