Maybe it’s time.

Maybe it’s time.

Maybe it’s time.

I’m confused with what is you want me for. Do you want me around ’cause you’re still in love with me or you just want me around ’cause I’m the one who doesn’t give up on you? You tell me you just need time to get your act together but it seems like that time needed is taking too long… Its been 2 years… Within that two years, I was here for everything. But there you are being insensitive about my feelings.

There you are talking to me about other girls, drunk texting and calling me… I thought, maybe of I give you this freedom you’d miss the assurance of having someone really there for you. Maybe you’d miss the feeling of being lved. Maybe you’d miss me… But looking at it now, I was wrong. The longer I let this go on, the harder it is. The longer I stay, the more I lose myself… I think its time for me to go. I think its time for me to let you have life the way you want to. I’m not giving up ’cause I’m tired. I’m giving up ’cause I need to give love to myself. Something you couldn’t give, even just a little, for me.


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