its been a year..and still im damaged honestly i think that i never will fully heal from this. I really dont understand how literally the day before you were saying how much you loved me and then like nothing you left not even a goodbye you never wanted to talk after that you cut me out of your life like nothing, like everything we went trhough didnt mean anything do you even feel any remorse??

i tried reaching out to bury any negative feelings between us i was trying to be the better man because you were someone important to me  someone who had change my life and in someways you kind of still are even now,  i wish i didnt feel anything for you. You said you wanted time for yourself you said you werent going to run off with another guy you even gave me false hope i was so stupid to think that maybe we could still be friends. I was perfectly willing to just being friends i’m strong enough to realize that all i wanted was for you to be in my life because no one else knew me like you did. no one could cut me so deep and bring me to my lowest point in my life like you.

And when i ran into you, you now you saw me all your “friends” did your mom and your sister did too and you all ignored me right in my can you be so cold to do that? i still dont understand it. I never did anything wrong to you,i respected you so much you were everything and i wanted the best for you,i know times were hard for me but you needed to understand the issues that i was having at home. thats why i was so angry and thats why i told you what i told you, and even at my angriest moment i STILL respected you. I KNOW for damn sure you can NEVER say anything bad about me. because you know deep down in your heart how i treated you. but after you broke me i realized alot of things i came to realize that no one in life gives a fuck about you and thats something you wil realize sooner or later.

right now you’re happy with your new 23 year old boyfriend who works at petsmart woah way to upgrade.And all your regular ass friend influencing you to want to become something you arent you’re weak i realized that, you say you have changed but i can see right trhough you, you’re still weak and you always will be because you run away from your problems you still depend on people if you didnt then you wouldnt have found a new boyfriend in less than 10 months after a 3 year relationship.

someways you have changed but it disgusts me you are becoming like every other girl out there. but thats all ok you WILL be in the same position as me one day or worse and you WIIL think about what you did to me. I cannot wait for that day until then you will see my success im 21 younger than your bum ass boyfriend and already reaching places i never have before and that you will NEVER reach lol in about a year i will be right under a creative director position and i wont stop there i’ve met some of the most brightest and motivated minds oh and im becoming friends of  with your enemies who i defend you against, funny how things can change right??

i realize that they are worth having in life they have faced what i have faced including you betraying them yeah you know who im talking about she was your bestfriend remember the one who introduced me to you?? that you completely abandoned? man i cant wait for you to see us on top shes talented actually she also has a bright future and im going to help her. you breaking up with me made me realize that i should have people in my life who will take me to the top with them. you will stay stagnant and be miserable once again. all because you didnt not face the pain i felt and the reality of seeing the one you loved act cold towards you and desire another man. who isnt worth it..count your days Erica enjoy every little fucking moment right now because when the time comes and it will now what you caused me. until then i hope you stay safe, healthy and i wish you the best.


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