Letting you go at last..

Letting you go at last..

Letting you go at last..

Dear X,

This is it.. This is the last letter I’ll write to you.. This is the end of us.. I finally realized my mistakes. Texting you was wrong especially now you’re moving on. From now on.. No more texting you.. No more thinking of what could’ve been. In short, this is my letting you go and final goodbye letter.. I haven’t moved on completely yet but I know I will.. Someday… From now on you’re a history.. Deleting from my archives of memories.. Someone that I used to know and used to love.. I’ll slowly walk away.. With positivity in my heart that I’ll be a better person than I was yesterday.. I’ll be stronger,  wiser.. This time I’d be cautious who i give my heart to.. I won’t easily believe in empty promises and i love you’s.  I’ll cherish single life and I wouldn’t care if I’d stay this way forever.. To you who broke my heart and tore it to little pieces.. Thank you for doing that.. I’ve learned a lot from you.. You’re a lesson that passed through my life.. And may you learn to truly love and have a pure heart.. So that true love will come to you… I’m finally moving on and letting you go. Goodbye to you.


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