It wasn’t easy for me either

It wasn’t easy for me either

It wasn’t easy for me either

Dear Jayden,

I’m so sorry about everything. I should’ve told you how I felt earlier. im sorry I lied. It wasn’t a complete lie, but what does it matter. I still lied. I did like you, but after your last girlfriend, the one before me, I gave up on you. You disappeared from my life for a month and just come back and be my friend again. When you asked me, I said yes because I thought my feelings would come back but they didn’t. im sorry that I didn’t tell you sooner. But I can’t take that back because what’s done is done.

It’s been a week and I know that you’re not that upset that we broke up. We’ve only dated for a month after all. But in that month, we’ve only talked for 2 weeks at the most. You can’t blame me for breaking it off. I tried contacting you, but you don’t reply. A couple days ago, we actually talked like normal people. It was going well, but then you brought up our break up. I know I don’t have a right to be mad, and I thought I was prepared for the sarcasm and cold shoulder. But it’s harder than I thought.

But jay, it’s over. It’s done and let me go. I dont expect you to want me back, and neither should you. You’re a good guy, and you deserve better than me. I can’t even call you babe without lying. So that’s why I broke it off. So please, all I want is to be friends with you. We had fun back then and I want us to be friends. I don’t want you completely out of my life. But to me, it feels like I have to be your girlfriend to be in your life.

Youre better than this Jay. One of the reasons I also broke it off, was because you changed. You were funny and a wise ass, but when I dated you, you turned into a flirty soppy mess. You just changed. Maybe other girls like that, but I dont. You know me well enough to know that. I’m sorry I’m not like cam or Ashley. I’m sorry for not being able to handle the fact that I’m a last resort. Sure, don’t be friends with me, block me, delete my number. Just don’t blame me for ending it. I’m not the only one at fault. I’m not the heartless bitch you picture me to be. It wasn’t easy for me either. Just because I let you go, doesn’t mean I wanted to. -anonymous


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