For Yen

It’s been 21 days since you walked out of our home.

I’ve missed you. I miss you. I’ll be missing you. A lot.

You have moved on. As hurtful as it may seem, I’d like to say that I’m happy for you. All those nights and days that you were gone, not a single moment that I didn’t think about you, about us. As much as I wanted to be angry at you, I can’t. I’m trying to recall all the insults and the hurtful words you said to me, but they were gone with the wind. All I can remember are the good times we shared, the simple life that we enjoyed, the lazy days that we let pass sleeping on the couch. I love you. I miss whispering those words before I go to sleep.

You may not hear these words from me ever again.

You made me a better person. I may have gone through the most painful moments in this lifetime but I chose to pick up the good lessons than the broken pieces of promises and hopes that I built with you.

I still don’t how to make my first step to move away from you but I will try. I’ll try harder.

God help me.


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