To My First Love

To My First Love

To My First Love
Letter to my ex,

Funny word forever is right, because I guess to you forever is limited. I’ve been trying to think of excuses for you and why you broke up with me but I just can’t think of a legitimate reason for you to have been able to throw away a year and a half relationship. It’s alright we were naive, me for depending on you for happiness and you for losing the one thing that would’ve walked on water for you. You said that it was all too much for you, and there was no way of fixing the problem. But there’s always a way, you just didn’t think I was important enough for you to try.

Maybe if you weren’t so concerned with others opinions, you would’ve saw the way my eyes adored you. But now my eyes have lost their glow for you. To be honest, I don’t think they’ll ever go back because once you suffer, you change.
Look at me Richard, living and breathing without you. I never imagined happiness without you. But it’s okay though, I’m not mad or bitter at you. I honestly feel sorry for you because you’ll be searching forever for that feeling only I could give you. I’m falling back together, I’m not falling apart anymore. I hope every time you hear someone laugh you think of me because maybe I’ll be on your mind then.
It’s strange to think of how much more I’ve laughed since you’ve been gone. And I’d like to thank you for leaving even after I tried to patch things up and make it work. I’m finding my old self again. I’m learning to love myself and know my worth. Thank you for the memories, the laughters, the tears. It has been a tough journey, but it’s worth it, you were a lesson learned.


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