I begged you not to leave me.

I begged you not to leave me.

I begged you not to leave me.

Dear D.

Before I came across this site, I had been chatting to you. I read too many apology letters I even quoted one to you. You have apologised to me a number of times and I have forgiven you but there a few things that I wish I had told you before you left me like that. Given the chance, I would have have never hurt you or even think about it. I would have never done anything to upset you. My goal in life was to always make you happy. I didnt mind waking up in the wee hours of the morning to fix your lunch. Wash your clothes and even make your bed. I was going to do that forever if I had to.

It wouldnt matter what happened between us, I would have never given up on us. I loved your son like he is my own even though I was scared of being attached. All I wanted was to see you happy but in the end I lost you. You think that she would do everything I could for you but I still you are wrong. It takes someone with strength and determination to go through what we went through and still remain positive about the future. Knowing all this you still left me, even though I begged you not to. She must be really special.


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