Why? What did I do?

Why? What did I do?

Why? What did I do?

Hey Jellybean,

Its been a little over a month since we broke up and i still sit here wondering what i could have done to keep you! You were honestly the one i wanted to be with for the rest of my life! You made me happy like nothing could hurt me and because of that i just fell harder. I fell for you harder then ever the first day i laid eyes on you. But still i let your stupid loving words hit my heart and now im torn, shattered sitting here asking myself what if? What if i didnt open my mouth? What if i didn’t speak my mind? What if i saw you more often? Would i still have you? You told me im the reason you wanted to die but you were the reason i stopped thinking bad thoughts like that! I tried so hard to keep you happy and keep you smiling but obviously that doesn’t work for you! You were and still are my life after everything i just want you in my arms!! I love you jelly bean. <3


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