Jesse, I have to finally get this off my chest…
I sincerely apologize for how I hurt you. I never understood the depth of what I did to you until someone did the same thing to me. I know we were never “official”, but we loved one another. That was real. And it scared me. So I jumped ship the moment things were not “perfect”.

It took me SO long to get over you. I’m not even sure I’m completely over you to be honest. How would I react if I saw you?  What would I say? What would I feel?
As you know, Steve cheated on me. I can’t say I was all that surprised… our relationship wasn’t built on any sort of solid foundation, and I cheated on him with you, so… karma?
All I know is that the person who I am now is not the same foolish, naive girl who walked into your life 2 years ago. I will never tolerate a man cheating on me, nor will I ever hurt someone in that manner again. It’s truly disgusting how everything went down, but it was meant to happen for a reason. I guess I just wanted to let you know that I am sincerely sorry for everything; that I have moved on with my life; that I have grown from my mistakes; and that I wish you the best (despite everything that’s happened).
Take care..


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