I’ll always have your back.

I’ll always have your back.

I’ll always have your back.
You are beautiful to look at.
I catch myself looking at you even now, when you are not looking.
Do you love me? Do you hate me?
Ah, I bet its the latter one. Maybe a little bit of both.
Well, I love you.
Even though I seldom said it out loud.

You can hate me.
But I’ll still love you.
It’s funny isnt it, back then I had thought nothing could touch me, I had my head in the clouds.
Look at me now.
The perfect girl, with good grades, a job already in hand, a perfect boyfriend.
But what about the real me, behind the perfect persona?
You were the one who recognized the real me, saw beyond the facade.
Back then, I had been so furious when you went behind my back and did your own little investigation on me. About my past, about the boys I’ve broken.
You used to laugh out loud and say, you really arent a good girl.
But you loved me anyway.
Even now. After evrything. You there when I need you.
Like a gaurdian angel.
I just wanna say that, I’ll always have your back. Whatever role we are playing in each others life..
Best friends.
Doesnt matter.
I’ll always have your back.

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  1. Jack Napier 9 years ago

    I don’t know that you are this person, but you sound a lot like a certain “her” that comes to mind reading this letter.

    Should that be the case…

    Come now, you talk like I didn’t see it from day one. I was under the impression we had a mutual understanding, but I guess you didn’t want to be my Harley. Also, why wear the mask? I mean, sure, you can use some pseudo-psychological circular logic from hell to argue that the lived lie becomes the truth, but what fun is that? It felt good to be real for once, didn’t it?

    Ahh, well, c’est la vie, no?

    Ciao, ‘cutie’. Sofi Needs A Ladder 😉

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