For the best

For the best

For the best


It hasn’t been very long. Its been a rough couple of weeks or months or however you want to slice it. I just wanted to wish you the best with your new start. Moving forward, I know you are going to great. I know I will be lost for a bit, but ill get back on my path and figure out where I’ll end up. Like you said, maybe we can make it work down the road, but right now it cant work. Ive tried to hold onto it, the hope of us happening again, but its not healthy. It’s time for me to just live. Its time for me to move on and just be me again. I need to focus on school just like you need to focus on you and figure it all out. I wish you well, I’ll miss you in the process but Ill always remember you. You have a part of me, that I can’t take back. Thank you for everything you have taught me. Im sorry we couldnt work it out, I’m sorry we couldnt work. I wish you well friend, see you when we meet again.

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