For what it’s worth…

For what it’s worth…

For what it’s worth…

The keeper to my heart,

It doesn’t feel real yet, not even a little. I cannot believe it’s over. I have always held onto the idea that things would be the way they used to be but now I know they no longer can.

So, this is why I’m writing you a letter. I hope you find this, I hope you read it and write me back because without you in my life, I’m truthfully lost and I have mild happiness.

If it is true that you decided to let me go because you knew it probably would have been best, maybe you are right.

But I never let go of you, or stop thinking about you for a second.

You’re always on my mind.


  1. D 5 years ago

    I’m resisting every urge I have telling me not to reply; that it’s my imagination running away with me again.

    I could go into analytics about my reasoning as to why I think you may be this person, but I’ll just go with one.

    Her name is an Irish girls name that means “Black” or “Mysterious”.

  2. K 5 years ago

    I really don’t know if I’m the one you are looking for. If I knew the name I could clarify.

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