I deserve better

I deserve better

I deserve better

So, we broke up once again. But this time, I did it. I left you. You lied to me constantly. Everyone even told me to leave you, but I told you that you were gonna change. You were working on it. But you didn’t. You just kept lying. You told your ex that me and you never dated. Well we might as well not have with the way I was treated.

I can’t believe I didn’t listen!

I didnt hear from you at all Monday night into Tuesday night. But then Tuesday night, my friend called me. Said that you were standing right in front of her.

SO I called you, she watched you ignore my phone calls and texts.

Im so disgusted with you.

Later that night you messaged me on skype saying you were blocking me on everything. Which is fine. Whatever. Im done with you anyway.

Buy guess what sweetheart,

Im best friends with you ex now and your roommate has been talking to me.

Buh byeeee.


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