crazy fantasies

crazy fantasies

crazy fantasies

LTME postI keep imagining what would happen if I came up to see you.
Of course, in my fantasy you are overjoyed to see me, and its just like we’ve never been apart.
I imagine you holding me, kissing me, and swearing that this is just a momentary lapse of faith on your part.
How sad that I’m too frightened to do it; too scared to find out what would happened, too afraid to lay myself on the line again.. I miss you so much, and I now know you miss me too. How ridiculous, how sad. X


  1. DLo 3 years ago

    ‘ miss you so much, and I now know you miss me too.’ This might just be a coincidence but that line has significance for me lately. Is it you?

  2. M 3 years ago

    I very much doubt I’m the person you’re hoping I am..
    But for what it’s worth, I hope they get in touch with you, if that’s what you’d like.
    I’ll just carry on moping around here, I guess. good luck!

  3. NDL 3 years ago

    “I miss you so much, and I now know you miss me too. ”
    In a way I feel like that’s worse than knowing they don’t miss you.
    When you know they miss you, you still have hope, when they don’t… you can let go and move on..

    Hope we can all move on soon.

  4. DLo 3 years ago

    I thought I had then I heard ‘our’ song… It’s been four years and I’m right back to the day I blew it apart. I buried the feelings…Think that was a mistake! 🙂 It’s wishful thinking on my part. A reference to the fact that I recently emailed her and haven’t gotten a response.

    • NDL 3 years ago

      This scares me, that maybe 4 years from now I’ll also still be reminded of her. That I’ll still deep down miss her and love her.

  5. M 3 years ago

    My hope is fading now..
    I’m coming to terms with the fact that I was the one who loved more in the relationship, and that it’s never good to be in that position.
    its just too bloody painful to be worth it, I think.

    • NDL 3 years ago

      It isn’t good to be in that position, but it can give you some closure knowing they were really not the right person.
      Hope you will heal quickly

  6. M 3 years ago

    it’s very difficult at the moment to take in each new realisation.
    I have to push it out of my mind, and go back to consider it in tiny fractions at a time, to save me from spending all day wailing and gnashing my teeth! lol.
    still, early days yet..

    • Kitten 3 years ago

      being the one that loves more hurts, but at least you can always accept that you tried your best, fought for survival and won’t have any regrets about letting go. Because letting go too early and then realising your mistakes later is probably horrible – I’d never want to be the person with regrets.

  7. D 3 years ago


  8. D 3 years ago

    That made me smile reading your inner feelings M.S.? Like you said I’m most likely imagining this

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