Goodbye old friend

Goodbye old friend

Goodbye old friend

LTME postWow .. I never thought I would do something like this.. Posting a letter on a website that you’ll probably never go to let alone get to read.. But if the right person ever does get to read this i want you to know i dont hate you and i still do care about you. You werent just my first love you were a very important person in my life, you were my bestfriend, you helped me in more ways then one. Ive learned and grown so much from our relationship. As hurt as i was at the time, i knew you did the right thing to break it off. You were unhappy and you thought i was unhappy which u were right about but i was not unhappy about us .. In fact the happiest days of my life were during the course of our relationship.. the day we broke up i was in so much pain i couldnt eat sleep or think of anything else.. I was unhappy about myself.. I let my insecurities tear us apart. I was a complete and total mess. I realized that I never gave you space and consideration because i was only thinking of myself instead of thinking about how stressed out you’ve been with your job. We would have the same arguments i would give you constant headaches but you gave me chance after chance which i took for granted time and time the back of my head now i know you’re meant to be with someone that will make you happy and i can only hope that you found that person by now.. As for me i am much happier now a days and working on bettering myself and loving myself before i even begin to start a new relationship. I know things wont ever be the same between us and that neither of us will ever reach out to each other but i wish you well and i hope you’re doing good and more then anything i hope your safe out there. Although i hoped we could still be friends and talk to each other i dont think that would even work anyway because even though those feelings for you that i had have faded they wont ever completely disappear and ive come to terms with us never being in each others lives but i wanna let you know that i dont hate you or harbor any resentment.. i still care a great deal about you and i will always be there if and when you need me but i’m sure by now that you dont which is okay maybe its better that way.. This letter is .. I guess closure for me so that i wont have to feel like i never owned up to anything that i did to hurt you or make you feel bad or guilty.. Anyway this ends my letter.. Goodbye old friend..


  1. a girl 4 years ago

    what is the first letter of the name for whom this message is intended?

    • Anon 4 years ago

      L.. Why?

      • a girl 4 years ago

        is L the first letter of your name, or the girl’s name?

  2. Anon 4 years ago

    I am the girl and both of us

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