When you’re in love with an idea

When you’re in love with an idea

When you’re in love with an idea

LTME postDear ultimately strangers,

Ever since I was little I would watch movies like Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast or Sleeping Beauty. Probably the worst things to show you’re children because they taught me that I needed someone to have a good life.There was no happily ever after unless you were saved by some handsome guy who was in love with you, and god was I in love with this idea. I thought I loved you but honestly I know I wasn’t in love with you, I was in love with the idea of what you could be. Funny thing is I never actually dated you, I just knew you and had these movies in my head of how we could be, but it never ended up that way. So no I didn’t love you, just the idea of what we could be.And as pathetic as this sounds, it hurts.


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