Still into you

Still into you

Still into you

LTME postHi mishamee, !! It’s been what?? 3 months I guess.. since i give up, since I decided to parted our ways.
You know what? I hated you for the past months , I hate you because you just did nothing . after we argue , all you say is “take care of ” then I heard nothing from you..then after three months you suddenly chatted my sister, you say those words I have waited to hear from you .. Why her? why not me ?? You said that you regret ? but why you just did nothing ? you just forsaken me, you left me hanging.. There’s so many things I wanted to tell you, I want to say everything I feel but then I realized that this is all non sense.. I can never bring back the old us.,I can never undo it. It’s done.. Yes we’re over, We’re really over…
but me??? I’m not really over you, I guess I can never unloved you.. You will always had and have a special part of my life, you will always be here in my heart no matter what.. I’m still into you, still you… I still love you and I will always do… and I wanna be with you again.. 🙁 my beby, my Kaloi Bonza


  1. Jena 3 years ago

    been 3 years , and im still stucked here. had a dream of you last night. But I know deep down my heart that its just a dream and that it will never happen . I miss you. please be happy

  2. Jena 3 years ago

    Living a Life of ” what ifs” sucks!! Still wondering what could’ve happened if only i tried, if i have chosen you.. Still missing you . KB

  3. Jen 3 years ago

    A facebook post memories pop up in my account, and just like that all the memories that we shared started flashing back again. Until when? How can i totally forget you? I’m happy yes I am, but the feeling of emptiness still in here. I wanna be whole again 🙁 you are so unfair 🙁

  4. clarion 2 years ago

    i think both of you are happy right now. just be happy for what happened and do all things that makes you happy. im sure both of you have big part on each others heart. soon and soon you will understand why things happened like that. ⭐👣

    • J 2 years ago

      Thankyou 💙
      I’ll never forget the first time we started talking to each other. The times I beg him to stay longer in our apartment, the times he hold my hands inside his hoodies.

      Part of me will love him forever but I am happy this is over too. This time its for real. This will be the last time that i am going to visit this site. He already chose happiness, I should too ❤

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