Stay strong

Stay strong

Stay strong

LTME-postDear Brandon,

A name I never want to hear again but also a name I don’t want to forget.

Sunday morning you text me saying how you missed me and how you love me. I never really thought about the situation that we had the week before. How we had a huge argument about why I didn’t want to be with you anymore.

Though we were never in a relationship within the five years of being you best friend. We fought so much about the past. I only took blame for everything because then we would argue about how everything was my fault. But we both know it wasn’t completely my fault.

Brandon it’s only been a few days since you told me that you couldn’t take it and you had to leave me alone. It hurts but not as much as I thought it would. Five years down the drain. You wanted to be happy and really at first,i thought i was making you happy. I would ask if I ever bothered you you would always so no.

You knew that I was emotional and yet you tell me that I need to calm down and just get over myself. I love you.

I’ve loved you four out of the five years I’ve known you. The other day you told me that me loving you was bs….But you knew that I wasn’t lying about that. I would tell you everyday that I loved you and it would mean the world to me to be with you.

You always called me childish but yet you started a lot of the shit we fought about. I wouldn’t say anything about it but then you’d say stuff that you knee made me mad….

Still I love you. Since Sunday I’ve been hoping I’d get a text from you. But i know it won’t happen.

I love you so much. Please be okay and happy.


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