Getting over you

Getting over you

Getting over you

I know you might think I’m weird for doing this but i just have to get it off my chest. We never dated, that’s true but the way you made me feel was something i’d never felt before. And now I’m left with nothing but memories and regrets of what we could have been. What was the point? You literally wasted my time and yours. Did I do something wrong? Did you find someone else? Why do you still text me? Just to hurt me or make me remember. I love reminiscing about all the phone calls and nicknames we had, and the reason I held on was because I thought you actually liked me….but i guess i was wrong. Seeing you everyday hurts even more. We look at each other and sometimes i’ll see a smile on your face, almost as if your teasing me. You were the only guy i let my walls down for. I told you everything and yet it wasn’t good enough. The whole time i was being led on like a dog chasing a bone. I guess it was just me thinking you’d want more out of what we had. Anyway, I still miss you yet i hate you for making me feel like a fool after everything i told you. I really let you in just to be thrown away. Please don’t text me anymore, it’ll just be a waste of time. You only wanted me when you were lonely. Guess we never got past the “talking” phase right. How sad. I’m trying to get over someone who was never mine…

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  1. T x 6 years ago

    This is the most relatable feeling a woman will go through. Eventually you will realise your worth and so will he, but you will be strong enough to see that you deserve much better and it will be him left broken.

    If a guy can’t see you when you let your walls down, then he doesn’t deserve to wonder who’s behind those walls. You’re beautiful, stay you. X

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