We met on a Tuesday…

We met on a Tuesday…

We met on a Tuesday…


Our First Kiss… the very next day. I was so nervous and could barely speak.

I Love You…NYE . While everyone was celebrating the New Year around us, we were looking into each other’s eyes

I asked you to be my wife this summer where we shared that First kiss.

We both made mistakes, mine were unintentional yet very hurtful that seemed to initiate aa unraveling chain of events between us. With no excuse for those actions, the regret of it all occupied myself completely. I tried and tried to make it up and regain that trust but in the end you could never fully forgive me. You began to push me away for other reasons unknown besides that. You one told me not to give up on you so easily before and that’s why my persistent pursuit of your love continued. I’ve put my focus and priorities to you. A short relationship is an obviously expected viewpoint from anyone other than us. The connection, the touch, the kiss, the Everything was something I’ve never experienced. Everything to that point had felt like a scripted fairytale. You refused to open up to me, to allow yourself to feel what once was. Every kiss we shared felt like the First one
to me. You’ve pushed me away so far as to even consider legal action, I was confused… I felt like family and friends had some influence on everything and from there it created misunderstandings and “outside” viewpoints. The way you loved me was stronger than that. I’ve held on to you because you have my heart… you are my all and my everything. I no longer pursue your love, I know it is within you for me. The anger cannot hide what holds a greater strength. I wait for your love for me to surface, I wait for it to find me. At our First Kiss… I’ve been coming for days now at 730 pm in hopes that you appear, you told me that you won’t come but, I continue anyways because I believe in you, I believe in us, I believe that a love shared such as ours will bring us together. I want you to again believe in me and give me that chance that no other had given me before. I will be here every day, in the rain, the cold, no matter what , I’ll be here at 7:30pm EVERYDAY waiting for my Always to come dance with me while I sing my love.
I am so In love with you, I love your everything… More Most Always and Forever. -C


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