Thanks for dumping me… I’m getting married!!

Thanks for dumping me… I’m getting married!!

Thanks for dumping me… I’m getting married!!

LTME-postToday I am so in love with the Man God made just for me!! Last year I thought I was in love with you. I was going through a really hard time, dude#1 dumped me, I was on worker compensation and just trying to keep my quality of life. We started off as friends. Then we became really good friends when your wife died. For two years we were drawn to one another. i would talk to you until you fell asleep. You said my voice was soothing. Then dude#1 messed up and you saw an opening. I really didn’t want a relationship and neither did you. You took care of me and gave me comfort. You tried to convince me that you where not in some kind of twisted relationship with your co-worker. It was very obvious you that you two were or had been sleeping together. Then you dumped me cause ?? I don’t know and today I really don’t care.
I really liked you. I would have always had your back and supported you and most of all loved you. Oh well. Do you believe in God yet? Only now can I say ………


If I tried to hold on to you I would have missed my King!!



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