I miss you C

I miss you C

I miss you C

LTME-postIt really hasn’t been that long b. But I miss you. I’m so sorry. I know that I was in the wrong. I just love you so much and I messed up. I couldn’t handle the fact that our relationship was flawless; it was perfect.

You could hate me right now and I honestly would not be bothered because I love you. I feel so shitty about everything.

You mess up my mind, I just miss you. It was so sudden and it seems like we were happy as ever not long ago.

But I’m so sorry. For wasting your time and making you feel so shitty and taking advantage of how amazing you are.

I know I’m in the wrong.

I don’t know what to feel.

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  1. S 8 years ago

    It seems that you first have to work on forgiving yourself.
    Give yourself a break, we all make mistakes. It is not the best feeling knowing you hurt someone else or lost someone due to mistakes. But it is only human. Maybe you weren’t ready and that is ok too. One day you will be and you will be able to experience a great relationship.

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