You’ll always be special but I have to let you go

You’ll always be special but I have to let you go

You’ll always be special but I have to let you go


Dear caleb,

i know you’ll never read this, but i’m here to let myself out. you gave me the best year and four months of my life, every memory we created together, every laugh we shared, and every kiss we gave each other was simply just bliss. i still remember how you smelled so good when you gave me that tight hug after not seeing each other for 2 days and how you’d tell me how much you missed me after being a part from each other only for 2 hours. you were my other half and we bonded so well and sometimes i remember how you told me you couldn’t imagine being with anyone else other than myself and how you looked into my eyes and said “i’ll forever love you, i don’t ever wanna leave you mia.”

then your mind changed. after you knew that my brother’s girlfriend lied to me saying you cheated on me you still denied me. knowing both you and i didn’t do anything wrong for our relationship to end, you still chose to end things. you chose to leave me. for no reason. at this moment, i knew how it felt to die without killing myself. to fall so hard for you and to love every bits and piece of you and to give you everything i had of myself was all gone. you took a half of me away.

3 months has passed and you found yourself a new girl. after you got mad at me for having something with one of your “friends”, i’m supposed to be okay with you moving on so fast? makes no sense on why you’d be mad at me for that, unless you cared still and didn’t wanna tell me. you’ll never tell me how you feel because that’s just how you are. but your new girl won’t ever love you the way i did. you said so yourself, i was the true definition of what “love” was. i’m happy for you tho, although you didn’t wanna be with me for no reason, i’ll always be happy for you. no matter what, because that’s just how i am and how i was raised to be.

i just wanna say thank you. thank you for all the memories, all those amazing cuddles we had, the laughs we shared, and every existing moments i had with you. i wish i cherished it all more. all you are now is someone who made me happy,  i’ll never be as happy as how i was when i was with you and same with you. i just know it. although i’m happy how things are going for me now, maybe one day we will get back together when we both are good for each other again. who knows! i just hope what you have a wonderful rest of your life. you’ll forever be my cubbie, always will have that one special place in my heart for you. but i have to let go.

love you always caleb,

mia, xo.



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